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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010

Karlovy Vary film festival
- L'actualité du moment en vidéo. 












Originally a swiss electro-musician's universe colliding with a french painter/video-artist's visual world, pop-3 first redefine pop music for their personal use (album "larmes automatiques) before deconstructing it all and bringing it down to fuzzy, sparkling, buzzing and pumping minimal-electro made of old Oberheims, new freaking-out-computer-noises and millisecond-long audio-garbage... and's poetic, introspective lyrics. Along with this comes, as a full-50%-part of their work, the unusual and surprising videos, also made by From clubby tracks like "love machine" (12" on tongut) to soft deep-electro stuff like "secondes rouges"(larmes automatiques) pop-3 never hesitate to run in many directions at the same time...



Dans ces temps de doutes spirituels, de quête d’identité, le travail de T.K.Kim se base essentiellement sur l’effort de tourner le regard de

chaque spectateur vers l’intérieur de lui-même, et non pas de se conforter dans un univers superficiel de reflets et d’apparences



In these times of spiritual doubts, of search of identity, the work of T.K.Kim is primarily based on the effort to turn the glance of each spectator towards the interior of itself, and not to be consolidated in a surface universe of reflections and appearances.
Her world, populated primarily of women with excessively long neck,
symbols of aesthetic melancholy or pensivity
lascive- is dominated most of the time by tone heats, being spread out
red sinks with orange more yelling.

The supports also exploit a decisive part on the work of T.k.Kim, because they direct her brush. Flax canvas will be worked differently than the wood boards recovered in various situations, ( past, scratches, tears ). The irregularities and spots of wood were used as starting point for The History, murmured by the character

The visitor can like the strength and energy, temparture in TKKIM paintings.
One can feel the symbolism and emotions as if
they were your own. The use of colour is tremendous.
















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